About Us

Smile On Dental is your local dental office in North Charleston, SC, and we’re proud to serve our young neighbors. Taking care of your child’s teeth is no easy feat. When it comes to tooth, gum and mouth health, there’s a lot of maintenance, a little dusting of genetics (for better or worse), a pinch of luck and a whole lot you can do to prevent bigger issues down the road.

The earlier the problems are caught and treated—from cavities to tooth grinding—the better off your child will be. At Smile On Dental, we combine high-quality care, tools, technology, and of course chairside manner.

Is your child wary of going to the dentist? They won’t be for long! Every single member of the Smile On Dental team has a soft spot for children. The speed, soft touch and friendly attitude can make a world of difference. Simply put, it’s in everyone’s benefit if your child actually enjoys their visit.

Making the Grade

Not all dental offices are created equally. Some have better technology than others. Some have better chairside manners. Some have glowing, well-deserved reputations—for a reason. At Smile On Dental, we’re thrilled to offer high-quality dental services in North Charleston, SC. It’s exciting to watch our patients grow and change, moving from the stage of Tooth Fairy to partnering with their orthodontists to wisdom tooth debuts, dentistry is a big commitment. Make sure you choose the best partner for you and your child.

Oral health, hygiene and maintenance are a dirty job, but with a team helping you it’s a lot easier. Brushing techniques, flossing, fluoride treatments, and tooth emergencies? Those are all part of our passion. Plus, every Smile On Dental crew member is committed to working with young patients and their families, so you know you’ve got the ultimate team on your side.

Southern Charmers

You can’t have southern charm without a dazzling smile to go with it. Great oral health starts as young as six months old. However, if you’re a late bloomer with dental care or it’s been awhile since your child saw a dentist, don’t worry. There’s no judgment at Smile On Dental—just the absolute best care for your child, and smiles to spare.