Dental Exams and Cleaning

Your child’s exam and dental cleaning in North Charleston, SC is a test nobody can fail! If only pop quizzes at school were so simple.

This is the most common, routine and comfortable visit your child will have at the dentist, and it all starts with helping them learn the ropes. At Smile On Dental, the goal is to make sure your child is never stressed, knows what’s going on and what to expect, and ultimately ensure they look forward to their visits. This sets the foundation for a lifetime of good, timely dental care. After all, if young patients don’t want to come for their exam and dental cleaning, that’s the first thing they’ll ditch as adults.

Exams and cleanings are much different for little patients than adult patients. Except in extreme circumstances, most children don’t have the kind of plaque buildup and periodontal disease many adults face. This makes the cleaning much easier and faster—for patients and dentists alike! Usually, the first part of the exam is strictly visual. A small mirror is used to check the health of the teeth and gums, if any new teeth are emerging, and any obvious issues (such as tooth grinding or inflamed gums).

Next up? A little physical examination.


Dental Cleanings

If there’s evidence of buildup or gum disease, your Smile On Dental hygienist and team might do some light scraping to see how severe the buildup is or check how deep the “pockets” of gum disease are—the tool used might look scary to some patients, but it isn’t scary at all. The dentist explains everything they will do, and will host a little show and tell with the tools before getting started.

After the exam comes the cleaning. The length of the cleaning and degree will depend largely on the patient. However, for most patients the cleaning is quick, simple and comfy (Smile On Dental professionals know better than to ask questions when a patient’s mouth is full!).

Cleanings are followed by a polish, complete with a tasty, special toothpaste. This is where the magic happens, and those teeth are restored to a dazzling white.

Dental Exams in North Charleston, South Carolina

Every exam and cleaning is topped off with an in-office fluoride treatment if the patient’s parent allows it. Fluoride treatments make developing teeth tougher, stronger and able to fight off acidic foods for life.