Children & Family Dentist

Call it the best excuse to get out of school in North Charleston, SC. No matter what you call it, taking care of your kid’s teeth is no easy task—and certainly not something you should have to deal with on your own.

Children get cavities, cracks, chips, teeth growing in crooked, teeth not growing in at all and wisdom teeth that lurk below the surface for years. Young patients need fluoride treatments, the “right” toothbrushes (which can change as quickly as school trends) and some serious training when it comes to flossing. Luckily, Smile On Dental is your secret weapon for your child’s healthy teeth.

There’s a big difference between dentistry for children and dentistry for adults, starting with the technology. At Smile On Dental, we only use digital X-rays, which cause less radiation exposure but also offer instant and clearer results. This means there’s no waiting for development, no wondering if that spot on the X-ray is actually a cavity or a fluke in the technology, and your kid won’t get cranky when waiting around unnecessarily. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Real Kid Tested, Parent Approved Family Dentistry

Smile On Dental has X-rays in the bag. Fluoride treatments? In-office fluoride treatments are the perfect additions to at-home rinses and toothpastes infused with fluoride. Luckily for North Charleston residents, the tap water is infused with extra fluoride, but it still might not be enough. Children between the ages of six months and 16 years especially benefit from a surplus of fluoride, since this is the window where the natural minerals can become a permanent part of the teeth—making them stronger and more durable for life.

But what about dental restorations,  and tooth emergencies? Those are also pillars of Smile On Dental. By sheer virtue of being a kid, dental restorations and tooth trauma or emergencies are more likely to happen. Blame recess, PE or after school sports.

Exciting Family Dentist Visits in North Charleston, South Carolina

At Smile On Dental, our team of professional believes dentistry should be something kids look forward to. Forget about grinning and bearing it—this is where you grin and love it.