Digital X-Rays

When it comes to comparing digital X-rays to traditional ones in North Charleston, SC, there’s really no comparison. That’s like comparing digital photography with a Polaroid camera.

With digital, you get faster, better, clearer results every single time. If the image isn’t as clear as it can be, X-ray technicians and your dentist know it instantly, so another X-ray can be taken. However, there’s a big perk with digital X-rays that you don’t get with other digital technology: Much less radiation, so your child’s dental visit is as safe as can be.

Smile On Dental is all about making your dental visit safe, comfortable, fast and efficient. That starts at the beginning of the appointment with the X-rays. Yes, that superhero-esque heavy bib is still required to further protect your child from radiation, and patients are walked through everything that’s happening. Starting a dental visit with an X-ray is the best way to gauge what’s going on in the mouth, spot any problem areas (hello, cavities) and see how teeth may have shifted since the last visit.


A New Perspective with Digital X-Rays

Especially with young patients, a lot can change between dental visits. Adult teeth might be emerging, wisdom teeth might be moving closer to the surface, cavities could be brewing and fillings may have been lost for starters. The health and placement of the jaw is also watched with an eagle eye.

Starting the appointment with a digital X-ray is simply the best means of getting the lay of the land—and it’s pretty cool that patients get Superman’s perspective on such a fascinating body part!

With digital X-rays, the results are immediately sent to an in-office computer and shared with your dentist, hygienist and of course the patient. There’s no waiting for development or hoping that all the images are sharp. Who says instant gratification can’t be a great thing? When you’re talking about X-rays, instantaneous results are crucial.

“X” Marks the Spot in North Charleston, South Carolina

Your dentist can tell a lot from digital X-rays, and those benefits trickle down to the patients. When problems are spotted early, they’re easier, and faster to fix. Knowing the placement of teeth which haven’t erupted yet can help you and your dentist work together to create a plan of action. And those cavities? They don’t stand a chance of growing when X-rays tell you right away where they’re lurking.

Knowledge is power, and that’s exactly what digital X-rays from Smile On Dental pony up. Plus, they’re safer than old school X-rays, which will have you and your child feeling like a superhero.