Fluoride Treatments

When your child gets fluoride treatments in North Charleston, SC, it’s like when you add lifting and yoga into your cardio-rich exercise regimen. Fluoride treatments make teeth stronger, more able to sustain acidic foods and drinks, and less likely to literally crack under pressure.

While anyone of any age can benefit from in-office fluoride treatments, kids are the best candidates. Between the ages of six months and 16 years, teeth are still forming even though they’re being used on a daily basis. Within this window, fluoride treatments can permanently get absorbed into the teeth and become a true part of your child’s teeth. That’s pretty cool, but it’s nothing compared to the actual process.

First thing’s first: Fluoride treatments aren’t dangerous (even if the varnish or gel is swallowed, though that isn’t recommended). Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in a lot of foods and drinks. However, your child simply doesn’t get the optimal exposure and fluoride strength from tap water or at-home treatments alone. Charleston tap water has fluoride added to it, but it’s just a little of what your child really needs. Kind of like teeth whitening systems, nothing compares to an in-office procedure.

fluoride treatments

Fluoride Just Tastes so Good!

There are a few ways fluoride treatments are applied, and there isn’t one that’s better than the others. It can be as a paint, gel or varnish. Some are directly painted onto the teeth, while others are applied via a mouth guard.

Annual or bi-annual in-office fluoride treatments are a great way to up the ante along with your home strategy. Your Smile On Dental team can recommend the best at-home rinses and toothpastes for your child, as well as tips on which foods pack the most punch. Your child only has a short amount of time to strengthen their teeth with fluoride. Don’t miss out on this very affordable, easy and delicious approach to better teeth.

Get a Boost with Fluoride Treatments in North Charleston, South Carolina

Why wouldn’t you help your child achieve stronger, better, longer lasting teeth the natural way, especially when it’s so easy? With adequate fluoride treatments, the Smile On Dental team may help you avoid tooth damage and erosion for life. Now if only straightening teeth were that easy!