Dental Emergencies and Trauma

The good news? A dental emergency in North Charleston, SC usually looks worse than they are. Dental traumas are par for the course with kids, especially active children who play sports, make the most of recess or horse around on a daily basis. It’s a great pathway to physical fitness, but sometimes your child’s teeth will pay the price.

In some situations, like with a knocked out tooth, you only have a short window of time to try and “save” the tooth. The Smile On Dental team is there for you and your child, especially when time is of the essence.

dental emergencies

Dental Trauma: A Knocked Out Tooth

If your child experiences a knocked out tooth there are some simple steps to take to increase the chances of saving the tooth. The first option is to take the tooth and re-implant it to keep it moist by putting it back in the socket if you don’t think your child will swallow it. The alternative is to place the tooth in milk until you can get to the dentist. Time is of the essence and a tooth typically needs to be re-implanted within an hour or two of the dental trauma.

A dental professional can assess over the phone whether it qualifies as a dental emergency and your child needs to see a dentist pronto, or whether it’s better to wait for an appointment. It all depends on the degree of pain, severity of the dental trauma and what exactly is going on with the tooth.

Sometimes tooth problems can look terrible (like when they turn black!) but they’re actually on the road to fixing themselves. However, only a dentist can tell you the best steps to take.

Who’s the Real Victim, Here?

Unfortunately, teeth aren’t always as sturdy as they look. When your child takes a tumble, a dodgeball to the face, or gets a little too into that holiday brittle, their teeth might take the brunt of the abuse. From chips to cracks, fractures to loose teeth, there’s no shortage of what can go wrong when you combine a kid with possible calamities. Luckily, your Smile On Dental team can work wonders, whether it’s salvaging a tooth or offering beautiful dental restorations.

However, you have to act fast. Plus, remember that dental traumas aren’t always obvious. Your child might complain of sudden heat/cold sensitivity, even though nothing appears to be wrong. Cracks can be tiny, yet lead to nerve exposure. Any time your child complains of mouth pain, it’s important to see a children’s dentist.

In Case of Dental Emergencies in North Charleston, South Carolina

The earlier the trauma is treated, the better off your child will be. Untreated issues can snowball and cause more pain and expenses down the road. There’s no such thing as a “small” dental trauma, although there are certainly varying degrees to consider. To maximize your child’s dental health, treat all trauma the same—starting with a call to your local professionals.