Dental Restorations

Dental restorations in North Charleston, SC can truly “restore” your child’s teeth to their previous beauty and strength. However, not all restorations are created equally.

Consider these two items: The skill and tools of your dentist, as well as which dental restoration is best. Smile On Dental has you covered when it comes to skill, experience and state of the art technology. However, the type of restoration decision is in your court—but this local team of dental experts is on hand to help. Depending on the placement of the restoration, the type of tooth (“milk” or adult), there are multiple possibilities on hand.

The two major camps of dental restorations are “metal” (usually amalgam) and tooth-colored. Within these categories, there are numerous materials available. Metal restorations are best suited for molars, and are often fillings which can’t be seen when a person talks or smiles. Metal is extremely durable, and can easily last for decades–even a lifetime. They’re safe, effective, and do a fantastic job of making teeth just as strong as they were before the trauma or cavity.

However, they’re not exactly “pretty” (but they don’t have to be).

dental restorations

Dental Restorations Make Your Teeth Good as New in North Charlestion, South Carolina

For restorations on front teeth, or any teeth regularly seen when talking or smiling, many patients prefer to go with tooth-colored options. The most popular options are composite, ceramic, and porcelain.

Expertly handcrafted and skillfully applied, nobody but a dentist looking closely at a tooth will be able to tell the difference between a dental restoration and natural teeth. The restoration is customized to match the colors and style of your child’s natural teeth, and instantly restores aesthetics and self-esteem lost following a dental accident (like a front tooth getting chipped during a raucous game of Red Rover).

On the flip side, these restorations are less sturdy than metal options. When “baby teeth” need to be restored, it might be better to go with a metal option while waiting for the adult tooth to emerge. However, working in tandem with your Smile On Dental team, you can narrow down the best choices for your child.

Dental Restoration Mission Accomplished

Contrary to popular belief, dental restorations really can be as good as the original. It may not be true in paintings and classic cars, but when it comes to teeth restorations are genuine works of art. It can be embarrassing, stressful and worrisome when a tooth needs to be restored, but don’t worry. With Smile On Dental on your side, that smile will be good as new in no time.